Gear of War 6: Release Date, Story, Gameplay and System Requirements. Latest Updates!


    If you love third-person shooter game where you will get a chance to play as a special force, a squad team who takedowns genocidal monster with brutal combat and lead his team to save the Sera world. So Gears of War game comes first. Believe me, I have played gear of war game, and it is full of action, combat, style, blood, machines, cool weapons, and so on.

    The first part came in 2006. The game was developed by Epic Games, and it is published by Microsoft game studio. It has a multiplayer mode where eight players can play at once. The game was powered by Unreal Engine 3 and available for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. There is a total of 6 parts of this game. But gear of war 4 required at least 122 GB.

    Image Credits: Gearbox.

    The last part of this game was Gear 5, which was released on 10 September 2019. According to sources, the next part of gears of war is coming in 2021 or in 2022. So it is a highly advanced game, and you need a high pc requirement. There are some rumors that it is coming to the new Xbox console.

    Gear of War 6 PC Requirement

    For the next part of GOW 6, the minimum system requirement is i5 processor, 8GB ram, Gtx 760 Nvidia graphic card, and 60 to 100 Gb storage space.

    Gear of War 6 Story

    We saw in the last part Kait and team Del and JD want to launch Hammer of Dawn to defeat swarm. Meanwhile, we saw queen Reyna attacked Trio and capture Del and Jd. So that she can take a benefit to put a proposal so that Kait can save only one, in the next part, we will see all the epic fights where it finished in the previous part.


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