Everything you need to know about Outlander Season 5!! Release date, Cast, News and fan theories are here!!


    So, Fans of romance here’s something interesting news which you should know about.

    “Outlander” is coming back for the 5th season, and here’s what everything you need about the upcoming season of the series.

    The 5th season of the series is going to be released on February 16, 2020. The stars of the series were able to complete the shooting of the 5th season by the end of November, and after that, they were able to provide a lot of insight into the new season.

    What to expect from Outlander Season 5??

    Starz was able to provide a lot of sneaks of the upcoming season to make sure that the audience remains on their toes. So, let’s talk about it a bit more.

    The trailer of the upcoming season has out, and it seems that the whole thing is going to throw us in a turmoil. The whole story of the love of these two and the fact that the whole thing was also set up in the time of the Revolutionary War, It’s going to be one hell of a season for sure.

    The battlefield and the fiery hearts of the couple and society which is trying to make these couple to remain at a distance from each other is really something as we don’t see something like that every day.

    The cast is going to remain the same with people who were playing these characters in the most awesome way. We still can’t imagine something so good could come out from someone else.

    This time it’s more intimate.

    This time we are going to see more of the intimacy scenes of the two lovers, which are Jamie and Claire. Even though In previous seasons, they were able to provide us with quite a lot of scenes which were pretty wild and arousing, but this time it seems we are going to remain pretty wild by the end of the season.


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