Everything you need to know about the upcoming season Dracula. Gossips and fan theories revolving round the show is here!!


    Whenever we talk about vampires, the one name which we never forget to mention is “Dracula.” Hundreds and thousands of times, this name has been repeated countless times.

    But for now, let’s just talk about the upcoming season of the series “Dracula,” which has been able to win the hearts of the fans, but it seems that the whole thing is a mess as for now.

    What can we expect from Dracula Season 2??

    Although there is no official date of release for the series to be coming back any soon, the director of the series Mark Gatiss has although confirmed that the series is going to be coming back for a second season.

    It could be true as fans loved it, and if things remained well, then we could expect a second season for sure.

    The first season ended up with three episodes, which showed Dracula waking at night only, and even though that’s none of our business, he still needs to wake up at day also. So, if everything remained good, then we can expect a second season from BBC One for sure.

    The other parts of the series.

    The cast of the second season could remain the same, but as we saw that Dracula somehow made Sister Agatha and her modern assistant somewhat vanished but there is still a chance of them coming back to us. So, let’s just hope that everything works out for the best.

    The storyline is also something to take a good look at as the whole thing ended up with Doctor Helsing uncovering the fact that why Dracula fears death, and then Dracula feeds her his poisonous blood rather than letting her die due to cancer.

    But, We can also expect that in the upcoming seasons, there could be stories about how Dracula’s early years were as many writers had put weight on that part of Dracula the most. So, we can expect that.

    Other than that, we don’t have the trailer for the upcoming season, but we will get it soon when the shooting of the season starts.


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