How excited are the fans about the upcoming season of Kaguya Sama : Love is War?? Know about it’s Release date and Cast !!


    So, People let’s talk about some romantic anime as no matter how many times we try to act strong and cool, but then again, we all watch these animes with love-filled all over the place.

    Going to have a Kaguya Sama : Love 2nd season for sure!!

    So, let’s talk about one of them and i.e., “Kaguya Sama: Love is War.” The first season of the series was of 12 episodes, though, but still, it was able to get quite popular among the genre. Now, fans are waiting for the second season. So, people here, you will get answers to all your questions.

    The series has able to win a lot of awards for it’s special and very different content.

    The story revolves around Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, where Miyuki is the top student of the class who is also the council president and well-reputed among peers while Kaguya belongs to a wealthy background as she is the only daughter of this rich family.

    What does the future of the series Kaguya Sama : Love look like??

    The romcom always revolves around them, and both of them like each other, but it seems that both of them have too much pride as they don’t confess their love for each other, and on the top of it, they both look for different ways to make the other confess.

    The anime series is going to release its second season on 11 April 2020, which means the wait is pretty much about to be over.

    The cast of the series is going to remain the same, but there could be an addition of one more new character who is going to give a hard time to Miyuki, who is again standing in the election to make sure to remain the council president.

    The trailer for the second season has been out, and it’s looking pretty amazing and promising at the same time, which means that the second season is going to bring a lot of fun.


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