Everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Sword Art Online!!!! Release date, Cast, Plot and other details!!


    “Sword Art Online,” The series has become quite popular among this generation, and without a doubt, the series has been successfully able to give us three seasons, and now, we are about to get the 4th season. So, let’s talk about it.

    What’s the future of the series Sword Art Online??

    The third season which was the “Alicization arc,” was pretty famous, and without a doubt, it received quite a lot of attention, and it was also said that the arc was the longest as Kawahara took almost three years to complete the whole arc.

    So, Now the 4th season has come up in the scenario, which means now we need to take a good look at it.

    The upcoming season is something that is still in question, as the previous arc has not been able to complete. The outcome was sure to be something like that as “Alicization” is a huge story lineup, and that’s the reason for certainty.

    But, The upcoming season’s story could be from the Unital Ring Arc of the light novel series by Kawahara, which is also a pretty awesome story lineup now, that the writer has sat down to jot the whole series down in manga and then an anime series which has proved the fact that season 4 is going to be released by 2022 or 2023.

    Can we expect Sword Art Online season 4 any soon??

    So, We don’t have any idea whether we are going to have a trailer or not as the current scenario is somewhat still working and also the fact that who is going to be there as new cast members, we really don’t have any idea whether the cast is going to remain the same or there are going to be some additions within the whole series.

    With that being said, the one thing which we can do for now that will be to wait for a long amount of time until then enjoy the manga series or the older episodes of the anime.


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