Everything you need to know about You Season 3!! The Release date, Cast, Plot and all other news related to it is here!!


    Psycho lover and his weird obsession with his girlfriends so much that it always ended up taking the lives of these female lovers. The whole thing is a crazy thing which in real life is a serious crime, but here, we have fans for something like that.

    What to expect from You Season 3?

    Yes, We are talking about the famous Netflix series, “You.” The series has been able to get two seasons, and it has already able to get renewed for the third season.

    The whole thing is pretty messy as even though our show’s protagonist is a kind of killer most of the series is confusing as even in the last seasons there was a certainty in the fact that Joe must have killed his girlfriend, by the end of the season, she came up against her to confront.

    In the second season, A new girlfriend and with the same uncertainty to kill his present girlfriend Guinevere Beck and her bestie Peach Salinger.

    The Uncertain Plot of You Season 3!!

    So, In the plot, there is just too much uncertainty regarding the fact that who is going to kill who?

    So, the release date hasn’t been decided, but with all due respect, Netflix has announced that the series will be released in 2021. Right now, there are works going on the script for the upcoming season.

    The upcoming story is going to be bloody and messy as we were able to see Joe has been confronted with his ex Candace and talk about some business and with that Joe/Will’s Girlfriend Love is also kind of psycho like our protagonist as she is the reason for the death of Candace and his neighbor Deliah. So, we are left with many unanswered questions which are going to follow through our protagonist as his relationships with each one of the character has been able to throw a lot of threads and clues which leads to the answers of the questions.

    The cast is something which we are uncertain of, but those who are not killed are going to be there to give the answers to all of the unanswered questions.

    And the trailer of the upcoming season is something we need to wait for as that’s the kind of Netflix follows.