When is the popular video game FIFA 21 releasing?? What are the things you have to know before it releases!! Check here!!


    The release of the next big FIFA game is expected to the last week of September, this year. The plans may be delayed due to the lockdown. Those who preorder the game can play the game on early access, which is 3 to 4 days before the official release. The launch of the game was going to be announced on E3. But the event was canceled due to the restrictions. E3 was also going to reveal its new line of games for the upcoming next generation.

    However, no official date has been set yet; it is highly likely that the game’s development was too affected by the recent pandemic.

    The price of FIFA 21

    The game will be priced the usual triple-A that is 60 dollars. But the champions and the ultimate edition will be priced steeper, and they come with their perks such as gold packs and special FUT kits and new icons.

    The gameplay of FIFA 21

    The game will feature many takes from the FIFA 20. Like new icons who will be joining the rosters of the players from previous seasons.

    Giving the players a taste od Nostalgia was the street football mode Volta. It has a story mode and owns a unique soundtrack. It was in the previous series and will be on the FIFA 21.  The new game will feature VAR, which is Video Assistant Referee.

    It is very much an enormous part of the game now, and EA will be astute to add some appealing VAR touches to the gameplay.

    The cover of FIFA 21

    In the previous edition, Cristiano Ronaldo was the sole cover star for the game for two years. But his partnership with Konami has soured his relations with EA. There is still no confirmation from EA.


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