Final Fantasy 14 Complete Fishing Leveling Guide: Fishing in FF14, Fishing Quests, and Leveling [1-80]


    The original Final Fantasy XIV was a disastrous role-playing game by Square Enix, failing both critically and commercially. The developers completely revamped the gameplay and re-introduced Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which garnered positive reviews from the fans and critics. The game had three significant expansions—Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers —since its release. FFXIV features dozens of mini-games and has introduced various new mini-games with the expansion packs. Fans love the Fishing mini-game in FFXIV, and if you go through this FFXIV fishing guide—you will understand more about this mini-game and ultimately gather some sea creatures.

    Fishing in FFXIV

    Fishing in FFXIV is categorized as the Disciples of the Land instead of a simple fishing mini-game that was available in other installments. Fishing in FFXIV is conducted by a Fisher class, which is, in fact, a type of gathering. The Fishing is done in the waters of Eorzea. The sole purpose of Fishing in FFXIV is to extract the sea creatures from the Eorzea and later harvest them. It ultimately helps to gather raw materials Culinarian and Alchemist class.

    Before Beginning the Fishing

    Before running through this FFXIV fishing guide, make sure you have unlocked the fishing class. Well, if you haven’t unlocked the fishing class, just head towards the Fisher’s Guild that is located in Limsa Lominsa. The primary tools required for Fishing are fishing rod and tackle, and if you are a first-timer, you just can’t get your hands on the fishing tools. First, you need to complete level 10 on a combat class. The fishing tackles can be expended with every fish captured.

    So, you have got your tools; the next important thing required for successful fishing is a skill. There are dozens of skill available in the game, but you should have at least these three skills—Bait (allows to choose bait to put in your line), Cast (enables to cast your line and begin Fishing), and Hook (pull out the fish attached to the Hook with bait). The other skills that can be really helpful are; Stealth, Release, Snagging, Mooch, Patience, Chum, and etcetera.

    Fishing Quests in FFXIV

    Like other classes in the game, Fishing also has dozens of Quests that will reward the same fishes you are about to catch. The main idea of the Fishing and leveling the Fishing is to choose the reliable fishing spot with the right bait. Our FFXIV fishing guide will help to understand all the available quests and fish to catch in each fisher level along with the optimal bait.


    1. [1] My First Fishing Rod (Bait: Lugworms) – 5x Lominsan Anchovy
    2. [5] Bigger Fish to Fry (Bait: Pillbugs) – 3x Harbor Herring
    3. [10] The Princess and the Fish (Bait: Crayfish Balls) – 1 HQ Princess Trout
    4. [15] Every Fish Has a Silver Lining (Bait: Rat Tails) – 5x Navigator’s Dagger
    5. [20] A Fish in Hot Water (Bait: Crow Flies) – 5x Warmwater Trout
    6. [25] A Game of Cat and Fish (Bait: HQ Striped Goby) – 1 Shadow Catfish
    7. [30] Like Fish Passing in the Night (Bait: Spoon Worms) – 10x Fullmoon Sardine
    8. [35] A Fish out of Water (Bait: Sand Leeches) – 1 Desert Catfish
    9. [40] Fishing in the Rain (Bait: Stem Borers) – 5x Raincaller
    10. [45] I Believe Fish Can Fly (Bait: Hoverworms) – 5x Cloud Cutter
    11. [50] So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish (Bait: HQ Ogre Barracuda) – 1 Mazlaya Marlin
    12. [53] The Icepick Challenge (Bait: Stonefly Nymph) – 3x HQ Icepick
    13. [55] Invasion of the Supper Snatchers (Bait: HQ Blueclaw Shrimps) – 3x HQ Shadowhisker
    14. [58] One Man’s Fish Is Another’s Man Poison (Bait: HQ Sky Faerie) – 1 HQ Letter Puffer
    15. [60] Carpe Diem (Bait: HQ Bullfrog) – 1 HQ Catkiller
    16. [63] A Rousing Reunion (Bait: Salmon Roe) – 3x HQ Deep Velodyna Carp
    17. [65] Search for the Spawning Grounds (Bait: Live Shrimp) – 3x HQ Harutsuge Sprag
    18. [68] Always a Bigger Fish (Bait: Not Required) (Skill: Spearfishing) – 3x HQ Dafangshi
    19. [70] Farewell, and Thanks for the Fish (Bait: Live Shrimp/Bream Lure) – 5x HQ Giant Plesiosaur

    The best part of these fishing quests FFXIV is that you can even buy the objectives from other players in the game.  But also, in the meantime, you wouldn’t find this amusing because all the objectives you accomplish will grant you a better experience as a Fisher. Some fishing quests FFXIV requires other fishing skills like Mooch and Spearfishing other than the necessary three skills.

    FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide

    FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide is probably a vital part of this FFXIV fishing guide as this guide will help you how to collect all those sea creatures and gain heck of an experience in the game. Fishing in the earlier levels can be tedious and frustrating because those levels wouldn’t grant you anything valuable. But also, you have to go through all of them because you wouldn’t want to lose the experience [EXP]. The players claimed that even though it looks dull, the Fishing in the game is really calm and exciting.

    We will breakdown each level with FFXIV fishing locations to make your gameplay more hassle-free.

    Level [1-5]

    The main aim at this level is to solely focus on completing level 1 and five because it is what that actually matters. FFXIV fishing locations in level 1-5 is in just outside of the Fisher’s Guild. The fishes required to catch are five Lominsan Anchovy and three Harbor Herring. If you don’t like to catch the fish in White Coral in Limsa then you can visit White Coral in Summerford with your tools to catch them.

    Level [5-10]

    You could buy the objective to get through other levels in the previous leveling but this time sit tight and look for the high-quality Princess Trout from level five without skipping because this HQ fish is slightly rare. Crayfish Ball is used to lure the fish into your line—so don’t forget to get equipped with it. The probable location to find this rare fish is near Murmur Rills in the North Shroud.

    Level [10-15]

    The fishing location for level 10-15 is at Brewer’s Beacon in Western La Noscea. This fishing spot is great and you can get something Pebble Crabs, and Harbor Herrings efficiently. But most importantly you should catch five Navigator’s Daggers.

    Level [15-20]

    To complete A Fish in Hot Water, you have to wait until level 20 because the Warmwater Trouts are only available at the final level of his quest. But in the meantime, you can carry on with your Levequests or even continue grinding the experience. But you have travel a little bit far in Oakwood in Upper La Noscea to find the fish.

    Level [20-25]

    This level is really important because it will help you to develop further skills like Release and Mooch. Release allows you to unhook the fish you don’t want to have whereas the Mooch allows you to bait smaller fishes or HQ fishes to lure bigger fishes. The best place to fish is the Yugram River in Eastern Thanalan and the best bait is Butter worms.

    (Remember: You can’t complete this level without using Mooch skill)

    Level [25-30]

    During this quest, you have to visit two different FFXIV fishing locations— south Bloodshore in Eastern La Noscea and The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan.  But when you are at Bloodshore, you can fish only in specific hours of Eorzean time (from 6 pm to 6 am).

    Level [30-35]

    The best locations for Fishing in these levels are in Nothern Thanalan, North Bloodshore, Daniffen Pass.

    You can unlock a new trait in between these levels—Dunefishing. Dunefishing helps you to catch fish in the sand (head towards the Sagolii Desert in Southern Thanalan for dunefishing).

    Level [35-40]

    Fishing in these levels is annoying because the fish-to-catch is five Raincallers and they can only be caught in rainy weather. So, instead of waiting for the appropriate weather, you can go to the Market Board and find these fish. If you have decided to wait until the rain starts, then head towards Ceruleum Field.

    Level [40-45]

    This quest isn’t smooth as you have to wait until level 45, and learn cloudfishing—a level 45 skill. Sea of Clouds in Coerthas Central Highlands is the preferable place to catch five Cloud Cutters.

    Level [45-50]

    You have to catch Mazlaya Marlin in this levequest and the only wait to do is applying the skill called double mooch. Double mooch allows you to use other fish as bait to capture the bigger fish. Only high qualities fish can be used as bait in double mooch. You have to use HQ Ogre Barracuda in order to catch Mazlaya Marlin by visiting North Bloodshore in Eastern La Noscea.

    Level 50 was the level cap when the FFXIV was launch but with the expansion, the levels also have expanded.

    Level [50-80]

    The fishes to be caught and its bait in these levels are already mentioned in the Fishing Quests in the FFXIV section. However, the locations where you should fish are mentioned below.

    1. Coerthas Western Highlands
    2. The Hundred Throes in The Dravanian Forelands [Level 55]
    3. The Sea of Clouds
    4. Velodyna River [After level 60 till 63]
    5. The Kobayashi Maru in The Ruby Sea
    6. Isle of Zekki in The Ruby Sea.