“Food Wars Season 5”: Three Episodes Are Already Up!! Know What Happened Till Now And What’s Next?? Other Details Are Intact!!


    About the Food Wars

    The Food Wars is a Japanese series for television and the web. The series is based on the manga series that goes by the same name. Shun Saeki and Yuto Tsukuda are the creators of this popular television manga series. The show first released in 2014 and has been produced by J C Staff. The show has completed four seasons so far and is watched on a large-scale all over the world. The show has recently released the fifth season, and it is ongoing. Read below to know more about the same.

    Release Date and Plot

    The makers of the series released the show on 11th April, as promised through the official announcements. There was a lot of confusion and doubt whether the new season will release or not due to the pandemic—however, the fifth season released on 11th April 2020. The fifth season will be exploring the journey of Soma through Totsuki.

    “Food Wars Season 5”: Three Episodes Are Already Up!! Know What Happened Till Now And What's Next?? Other Details Are Intact!!

    Soma is again put through a lot as his classmates continue to challenge him every now and then. Season 5 is going to be all about the everyday struggles of Soma and his journey so far. The show is also likely to show a change in Soma, and his life as his culinary skills improve massively. Season 5 will also show the return of Megumi Tadokoro as Soma’s partner.

    About Season 5

    Season 5 is ongoing and has released three episodes so far. The three episodes have got a great response from fans, viewers, and critics all around the globe. The first episode gave a knowledgeable insight into the WGO – World Gourmet Organization. There is going to be a competition for which three talented and deserving participants have been chosen. Soma is hopeful that he will get a seat in the competition. He is pumped up about it and tells how his father would have been there in the competition. It would be fun to watch what happens next with Soma and how the competition turns out for him.


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