Fruit Basket Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Dubbing. Every details you should know!


    If we talk about light novel or manga series of Japan, then how can we not talk about animated series? Most of the animated series is actually the adapted version of the light novel. One such version of the Japanese novel is Fruit Basket.

    Fruit Basket is also known as Furuba or Aruba, is a Japanese animated series that is for young teen girls. The animated series is based on a light novel with the same name, that is, Fruit Basket. The light novel was written as well as illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. The magazine came or published in Hana to Yume magazine. The series is actually a romantic comedy, plus it has some supernatural elements.

    The series is directed by Yoshinde Ibata and written by Taku Kishimoto. The studio of this series is TMS or 8PAN. The series released under the network of TVO, TVA, TV Tokyo, and ATSC in Japanese, and when it comes to English, then it has ABC Me. It is produced by TMS Entertainment. The series first came in 2001, and then it was again serialized in 2019 with new seasons. Now fans are waiting for the second season of Fruit Basket.

    The release date of Fruit Basket Season 2

    The first-ever series of Fruit Basket released on 5 July 2001 and ran till 27 December 2001. Series then again remade for the new season, so the first fresh up season came on 16 April 2019 and ran till 21 September 2019. The series received a positive response, so now fans want to see the second season of Fruit Basket 2019. When it comes to the second season, then it was planned to release on 7 April 2020, but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the series delayed, and it is expected that we will get the second season after things will be back to track.

    The cast of Fruit Basket Season 2

    The cast will be the same as season 1. There won’t be any changes because of the need for the same characters in the story. The casts are- Tohru Honda voiced by Manaka Iwami (Japanese) and Laura Barry (English), Arisa Uotani by Atsumi Tanizaki (Japanese) and Elizabeth Maxwell (English), Yuhi Sohma by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese) and Amanda Lee (English), Shigure Sohma by Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese) and Apphia Yu (English), Akita Sohma by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) and Trina Nishimura (English), Kyo Sohma by Yuma Uchida (Japanese) and Alison Victorian (English), Saki Hanajima by Satomi Sato (Japanese) and Jad Saxton (English).

    The plot of Fruit Basket Season 2

    The whole plot and story revolve around the lead, that is, Tohru Honda and Sohma Family. Tohru is an orphan girl who meets Yuki, Kyo, Shigure Sohma, and then the whole family of Sohma. Sohma family are possessed by the Chinese Zodiac, and they were cursed. They were cursed that if they become week, then they will take the form or shape of an animal. Tohru will help the Sohma family and break this zodiac. In the way of knowing the Sohma family, Tohru also started knowing herself.