George R. R. Martin CONFIRMS that The Winds of Winter Will Be Released Sometime in 2021


    The long wait for the sixth book in George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, might be completed within months or years. The sixth book in series titled The Winds of Winter has been anticipated since 2011 when Martin dropped the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons.

    We have been waiting for nearly a decade now, and everyone close to Martin believes that 2020 or 2021 might be the year when we finally get our hands on a copy of the sixth book. Thanks to coronavirus pandemic, George R. R. Martin has been self-isolating himself and writing the sixth book. He reportedly mentioned that during the time in quarantine, he has been spending his time more in Westeros than in the real world.

    Brynden B Fish, an expert of Martin’s novels and reputed insider, thinks that this is the year for the publication of The Winds of Winter. He confirmed that the novelist has been writing daily, and with the current situation, the book might just be ready in early 2021. The 71-year-old wrote a blog on his blogging website entitling Not a Blog that the health crisis has made him work on the unfinished business.

    While the book is still away from the production, we have a rough idea of how the book would be. George R. R. Martin provided a small premise in the upcoming album that the sixth book will continue from the cliffhangers mentioned in A Dance with Dragons. The Winds of Winter will also bring the two big battles that have been winding up since the last book.

    A Song of Fire and Ice is equally famous on TV as it is among the readers. The novel was adapted by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO to create a fantasy dram series called Game of Thrones. The adaptation quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and received high praise from fellow filmmakers and critics. The show has one of the most significant fan bases in the entire world.


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