Ghost of Tsushima: Release date, Plot, Gameplay and Other Features. Everything we should know!


    There are a lot of video games that have modernization in terms of everything, from setting to weapons and even the dress. Only a few games are left that shows the tradition of any particular country.

    The games that are developing or are going to release has a lot of modernization so that they can cope up with the taste of players. But there is one game that is going to release soon shows some traditional settings and characters, that is, Ghost of Tsushima.

    Ghost of Tsushima is a video game that has a lot of traditional flavor with modern qualities and range. It is an action and adventurous game that is developed by Super Punch Productions.

    The game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, one of the biggest labels of the world. The game is directed by Nate Fox and composed by Shigem Umebayashi. Fans, especially those gamers that like some traditional touch in games are really very excited about this game. So when are we getting it?

    What is the release date of Ghost of Tsushima?

    The Ghost of Tsushima was in development for so long a period of time and finally, it is the time when we are going to play it. This single-player game is all set to release on Playstation 4. At first, this game was going to get released on 26 June 2020 but somehow shifted to 17 July 2020. Now the month of July is final for the release.

    Who is there in the role play?

    This game has a lot of characterization and if we take a look upon the characterization and dubbing then we have these artists- Daisuke Tsuji as Jin Sakai, Patrick Gallagher in the role of Khotun Khan, Hira Ambrosino as High Priestess, Minae Noji as Onniba, and then Keisuke Hoashi in the role of Ippei The Monk.

    The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima

    The gameplay is really very interesting. It will be played from the third-person perspective and will be played in the open world. Players have the benefit of freedom, they can travel to the different parts of the gaming world with the help of their horse. They will have a weapon called Katana, a Japnese weapon that gives some traditional touch to the game. To distract enemies, players can use firecrackers as well as smoke bombs.

    What is the plot of Ghost of Tsushima?

    The story is of the protagonist whose name is Jin Sakai. Jin Sakai is the last samurai of the island called Tsushima. He was the last samurai during the invasion of Mongol in Japan. When it comes to the protagonist characters then Nate said that it is totally a fictional character.


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