Google Pixel 4a Pricing Confirmed!! Google’s New Phone is CHEAPER Than iPhone SE and Google Pixel 3a


    The release date of brand new Google Pixel 4a might probably be just a few months away from now. Google’s competition to iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4’s budget-friendly replacement has already created hype around the smartphone’s fans.

    The recent leaks regarding Google Pixel 4a’s pricing have stunned the fans. If the leak is accurate, the phone would be cheaper than recently released iPhone SE. The phone would be cheaper than the price everyone has been expecting.

    The latest rumors on the device’s price suggest that the upcoming Google Pixel 4a will be available at just $349.The claim was made by the managing editor of 9to5Google, Stephen Hall. Hall tweeted the pricing is actually set for 128 GB variant, meaning if the phone is available on 64 GB variant, the price might be even lesser.

    There are enough reports to agree that the Google Pixel 4a will be available in a 64GB variant. The starting price would now drop to somewhere between $319 and $329 (expected). Stephen Hall is pretty confident in his source (an insider in Google), and if the leak is right, we will get Google Pixel 4a—even less than Google Pixel 3a.

    The Google Pixel 3a price started from $399 when it was available at the stores for the first time in May last year. The previous rumors have also stated that the upcoming affordable phone will also have a similar price setting.

    Stephen Hall might be just right given Google’s history with Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 3. When Google Pixel 4 was released, the starting price of Google’s flagship phone was reportedly less than the predecessor phone, Google Pixel 3.

    The reports also claimed that Google is trying to reduce the price to compete already released iPhone SE. iPhone SE starts from $399 and has less storage as compared to the upcoming Pixel 4a.

    Google Pixel 3a was released on May 8, and understanding the health crisis that has been lately, the release date might have been extended by a month. Google Pixel 4a will possibly release on June 5.