Google Pixel Buds 2 launched after long wait. What is its specification and price? Know more!


    Nowadays many people using buds instead of headphone or earphone because it derives full clear base sound with good quality. If we count the famous brand, then Google Pixel Buds 2 comes on top because it delivers good battery life with wireless earbuds.

    This bud is compatible with android 6.0, and you can purchase it at the price of $179. You can find it in four colors like orange, white, quite mint and in black. The first buds were launched in 2017, and it received good reviews, and fans liked it so much.

    All About Google Pixel Buds 2

    After releasing Google pixel 4a, the buds 2 is more demanding because it offers better sound quality and battery life than previously. You will be happy to know that buds 2 is available on google and BestBuy so you can buy it. Buds 2 can be fit in-ear more comfortably because it has a soft silicone stabilizer that make it more stable.

    Google Pixel Buds 2 Features

    Google Pixel Buds 2 has many features like the IR sensor, a touch-sensitive surface, and motion-detecting accelerometers. It offers gyroscopes, Bluetooth 5.0, which offer longest distance connectivity yet, water-resistance, and also it offers wireless charging.

    It is also voice sensitive so you can use search google, music, and so on. The buds two has a 12mm dynamic speaker with the ability to translate the language. So basically, it is next-generation buds with full security, and it is ahead of its time. We know why it is demanding more than the previous version. There is a rumor that Apple air pod is not better than google pixel buds 2. So you can find it after using it, but we know that it is only the next steps to the future.


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