“Harry Potter: Dobby and the CCTV” A look back to viral sensation!! A Tribute to Dobby or a Real Dobby there!!


    Out of all the things 2019 is remembered for- Brexit, US President impeachment, and what not; an elf related viral video is not one of them.

    Back in June 2019, Vivian Gomez, living in the USA, uploaded CCTV footage from outside her home. The clip, seemingly innocuous at first glance, became the center of online speculation as some Gomez had claimed to have seen a hitherto fictional character.

    That’s right, Dobby- a house-elf from the Harry Potter series had been evidently spotted in a random American house.

    The footage showed the magical creature strolling around the house. It walked away from the property before flapping its limbs, not unlike a chicken.

    It was then seen swaggering away, its knees slightly bowed- in a rather self-assured manner.

    Credit: Facebook/Vivian Gomez

    The Real Story Behind the dancing Dobby and the CCTV clip

    Much to everyone’s surprise, after lengthy scrutiny and online debate- video experts rubbished any suggestions about the videos being doctored. The clips were apparently legitimate, which begged the question- what could be the story behind them?

    The internet community concurred that the videos were not fake and claimed that they probably knew what was up.

    The netizens theorized that the mysterious figure in the videos was probably a slim child wearing slippers and had pulled the pants on their head.

    Later, when interviewed by Inside Edition, Gomez admitted her then the nine-year-old son was fond of dancing and often did not hesitate to “joke around.”

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