How To Cancel Subscriptions On Your iPhone


    The subscription services available in your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or MacOS are kind of cool these days as they allow you to read various news from popular magazines through Apple News, allows you to listen millions of songs in Apple Music, play games via Apple Arcade, and watch your favorite shows in Apple TV+ or HBO Go.

    However, some people might find these subscription services uncool and boring while some don’t want to pay the charges that come compulsory with the services. Most of the services, which you don’t use at all, automatically renew once the trial or subscription period is over.

    How can you cancel your Apple Subscription Services on your iPhone?

    The first thing is to open the Settings app in your iPhone. And then you would find your name (iPhone’s owner name), tap on your name. After tapping your name you will find Subscriptions. Now, you have to tap on the Subscriptions and select the subscription of that service you want to cancel. Tap on the Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial to cancel your desired service’s subscription.

    Settings — Your Name — Subscriptions — Name of the Service (Apple Music, or HBO) — Cancel Subscription/ Cancel Free Trial.

    So what if, you don’t see the cancel option in Subscription?

    If you didn’t see any cancel option after tapping the service subscription, it means you have already canceled the subscription and you don’t worry as it wouldn’t renew. If there is an expired date [Expires], then you have already canceled it. If there is another upcoming date [Renews], then you can choose to renew your subscription plan based on your desired plans.

    You can also use the App Store application to cancel subscriptions. First, you need to tap on the App Store and then tap on your profile [top-right corner]. You will find Subscriptions tab, and taping on that will show all your expired and active subscriptions, tap on the one, which you want to cancel.


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