How To Get a Rainbow Sheep From an Ordinary Sheep in MINE CRAFT


    You can do crazy things in Minecraft—building an underground world, or swimming in the lava, or even constructing your own roller coaster—but you would never get bored. Mojang allows the player the liberty to build anything they imagine and explore the infinite virtual world. The game doesn’t have certain goals or accomplishments to make—you are the creator of your world, but perhaps, there’s this thing that every player tries to do at least once when they get into the game. The player entertainingly enjoys turning a random sheep mobs into rainbow sheep.

    Minecraft Sheep

    Sheep in Minecraft is one of the various moving entities inside the popular sandbox game. Sheep aren’t a threat to the player instead they provide the player with wool and raw mutton in the game. They are also the most seen mobs in the game and they generally wander around the overworld. Mojang officially mentioned that the sheep measures around 1.25 blocks tall, 0.625 blocks wide, 1.4375 blocks long and naturally appears in white skin. As of now, the sheep naturally spawn in six colors however, the players can modify as per their will. The naturally available colors are white, black, gray, light gray, brown, and pink—the probability of witnessing sheep in white color is most.

    Even though there are different colored sheep, they all behave in the same away and mostly wander in a group of two to six. Sheep are the passive mobs meaning they will try to run away from anyone who attacks them—including the player. These aimlessly roaming and grass-eating mobs can jump an obstacle if they encounter however they wouldn’t jump a fence if the player tries to farm them. They will follow a player if they have wheat in their hand but if they aren’t fed with wheat while farming they try to run away from the nearest exit.

    Minecraft Rainbow Sheep

    Don’t confuse over normal sheep and Minecraft Rainbow Sheep—they aren’t completely different mobs. Minecraft Rainbow Sheep is just a modified version of ordinary sheep and every player can turn a sheep into a rainbow ship. To fully watch and enjoy the ordinary white or gray sheep turning into a multi-colored sheep, a player needs to have few things and follow certain steps. We’ve prepared a guide to make a Rainbow Sheep—and believe me, its super simple.

    How to Turn Ordinary Sheep into Rainbow Sheep?

    First things first: to turn an ordinary sheep into rainbow sheep there are few things you should compulsorily need before moving on the further step. The things you will need are one sheep (obviously), one name tag, one anvil, five experience points [EXP], one lead, and one fence post. If you have been in the Minecraft for a while, lead and fence post can be optional.

    Finding Sheep


    Sheep are available throughout the Overworld, so go near to the sheep and lure them into your farm.  Unfortunately, if you can’t find any sheep around you then don’t worry, you can summon a sheep yourself by typing a cheat code on your console. You can easily bring sheep right in front of you by typing a cheat code /summon sheep [spawnPos].

    After finding or summoning a sheep, lure it to your farm by showing wheat. If they see wheat in your hands, they will happily follow you till the end (heavy sarcasm).

    Finding a NameTag

    The next step to have a Minecraft Rainbow Sheep is to find a name tag. There are currently three ways in Minecraft to find a nametag. The first method is by fishing; when you successfully catch a fish, there exist 0.8% chances of having a name tag. The chances can be increased to 1.9% with the help of the Luck of the Sea enchantment on your fishing rod.

    The name tags can be found in various chests, which are available at the Mineshafts, dungeons, and woodland mansions. So, if you have enough emeralds, the best bet to have a nametag is to exchange with a librarian. A nametag can be traded with the librarian for 20 to 22 emeralds.


    Here comes the main part—you have to get yourself an Anvil and place it down on the ground. If you don’t have any Anvil, these interactive blocks can be harvested easily. So, grab your pickaxe and then start harvesting Anvil, if you don’t have one!

    After placing Anvil on the ground, right-click on it. A popup shows the Repair & Name menu. Now, move your nametag into the first box to the left of the plus (+) sign. Just below the Repair & Name menu, there is an editable brown box. Now you have to type a code in this box, which will cost you one experience level.

    Type jeb_ [Remember all the letters are in lowercase]

    Final Task

    After renaming your name tag with jeb_, the job is done. Now, you just have to freshly renamed nametag into the inventory Hotbar and approach the same sheep that you had placed inside your farm. Right-click on it, and now you should be able to see various coloring flickering on the skin of your sheep. However, you don’t need to farm your sheep to get this trick done. Any sheep can turn into Minecraft Rainbow Sheep, but you don’t need to gain the sheep’s trust if that is your farmed sheep.