Is Designated Survivor Season 4 is happening or not?? Is it cancelled?? What does the makers opine about this?? Know all the gossips here!!


    Without a doubt, “Designated Survivor” is one of the most popular series around the globe with Netflix and ABC getting loads of fame from this series, and now the third season of the series has already released and was able to get a lot of applause.

    So, let’s talk about the fact that whether there is going to be the 4th season for this political thriller.

    The answer to this question is although pretty sad, but we don’t really have a choice as we need to say goodbye to this wonderful drama as “Designated Survivor” has been canceled officially.

    Even though Netflix was able to keep the series on high spirits, but the ratings were just too low, and the creators have also shown their gratitude by tweeting them with words of praise and warmth.

    The series in a way is dumped, but still, there are fans who are believing that maybe someone will save the series and will be able to provide us with a Season 4.

    Updates on Designated Survivor Season 4 

    So, If that happens then, the main question will be whether Kiefer Sutherland will be able to come back as Tom Kirkman or not. The same goes for other members of the cast. Even though each one of them was either exposed or endangered regarding their own position but there was still a chance, and that’s the ultimate question whether they are going to come back from that or not.

    What could be the next step for Designated Survivor Season 4 ??

    The next thing is the storyline, which could still continue as Tom was re-elected as president, and even though the story couldn’t be able to focus enough on the president anymore but there are still plenty of characters whose story could be featured in the upcoming season of the series.

    The trailer of the upcoming season is not here, but if by any means someone else tried to bring the series back by any means, then that will be more than just great.


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