Good Girls being renewed for a new season or get Cancelled. Is Season 4 happening? Christina Hendricks Gives hint to the Show!!


    The American Comedy Crime Drama, based on the life of three suburban Michigan Mothers, just finished premiering their Third and latest season. Along with the sisters, Beth and Annie, their best friend Ruby is also trying so hard to meet the two ends of their lives. The series first premiered in February 2018 and got renewed for the second season in May 2018.

    And the second season was released in March 2019, and one month later got renewed for a season of 16 episodes to be released in February 2020. The release of the series happened as per as planned but with a small twist. Due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the team was able to release only 11 episodes instead of the promised 16 episodes.

    The latest episode lasted from February 16 to May 3, 2020. By putting as in great anticipation, would a new season come up?

    Season 4

    Well, when we look into the previous seasons, we know soon after the release we would be having a word or confirmation about the coming season.  Here too, we have a final word. On May 15 2020, The team had announced that the season had been renewed for a fourth season.

    The news did not come out as much of a huge shock because, due to the best performance of the show, it was more likely to have the show renewed.

    The show has Jenna Bens and Bill Krebs as a writer and executive producer of the show, along with Micheal Weaver directing with Mark Wildling. The series is coming production of NBC, and they do have some high profile series renewals at present. Brooklyn 99 and Superstore are the series renewed from the comedy genre. Medical Drama ” New Amsterdam”, ”This Is Us”, Perfect Harmony, Indebted, Zoey’s extraordinary playlist are some of the other upcoming new releases and renewals of the series.

    As the show had been renewed for a new episode, we could expect to see the season released by March of 2021. But as the whole world is under lockdown, we do not know if it is going to take time to start the production. So, there is a slight chance for the delay of the latest season.