John Wick 4 is on its way – Release Date, cast, plot for the enthralling movie. Get all the latest updates!


    John Wick is a massively popular name now as it successfully managed to release three movies and some video games to enthrall the fans. Much to the viewers’ delight, another installment is on its way…Yes! John Wick 4 is coming soon. John Wick is an American action thriller franchise by Summit Entertainment.

    The franchise debuted with the first installment in 2014, followed by a second and third part in 2017 and 2019, respectively. All the movies were highly appreciated and critically acclaimed and even managed to be a great hit at the box office. With the fourth film in pre-production, fans have been really excited to get the details, and here is all we know about it.


    The movie was scheduled to be out by May 2021 initially. However, because of the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic worldwide, the release date got pushed, and the movie got postponed. For now, the movie is scheduled to arrive in May 2022. Although nothing can be said for certain because of the current scenario, we keep hoping for the movie to get its scheduled release.


    Not much has been revealed about the cast joining the movie for its fourth installment, lately. But it is most likely that Keanu Reeves would be returning to reprise his role as John Wick. The other members of the cast might also return like Halle Berry, Jason Mantzoukas, Angelica Huston, Lance Riddick, Ian McShane, and some others.

    Although there has been no official confirmation about the same, we still have to wait for the makers to announce the details regarding the same.


    In the first part, we witnessed John Wick, who is a retired hitman avenging the death of his dog, which was gifted to him by his deceased wife, – Helen.

    In the second installment, we see John Wick, who’s forced to execute a target, although he doesn’t wish to. But he has to do it as a debt from him past forces him to.

    The third part showed John Wick on the run after he breaks enter into a Continental Hotel ground.
    The fourth part is certainly about more adventures and struggles of the iconic character John Wick. The storyline for the movie is still under wraps, and there have been no revelations. We await official declarations about the storyline to be revealed soon, till then stay tuned for further updates!