What We know so fare about ‘Jumanji 3’ Release date , plot , cast , trailer and more !


    “What if I accidentally end up being a part of a life-threatening board game?  Will it be adventurous? Or will it be rather dangerous?

    Well, you would have the exact same thoughts after watching Jumanji. This movie had first released back in 1995 and gained immense popularity amongst youngsters as well as adults! The plot revolved around a board game that had ended up mysteriously at  Alan Parrish’s house. When Alan, along with his childhood sweetheart Sarah started playing the game, he was trapped inside the game, and it was followed by a series of bizarre events coming true. The movie proceeds with Charlie tackling the consequences of the game and finally closing it! With its initial release, Jumanji had won hearts for being something absolutely out of the ordinary and fresh. But will the same happen with its subsequent movies? That’s a question yet to be answered.

    This time the plot is expected to revolve around the same adventure game Jumanji although there are promises of more obstacles and dangers than before. It’s a reactivated, revisited fun escapade. The storyline is expected to be filled with punchy and hearty friendship themes. The movie is a sequel to 2017 one.

    The cast is expected to remain the same starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas. While Awkwafina, Rory McCann, Danny Glover, and Danny Devito will probably join the cast.

    Although after watching the trailer, the audience is of the opinion that it doesn’t have the surprise factor of the last film, but one can never be too sure about the content by just seeing a part of it.

    However, no movie has gone wrong with The Rock in it, and hence we can expect quite a potboiler from it!