Kristen Wiig aka Cheetah Looks Solid in New Wonder Woman 84’s Leaked Photo


    Recent movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman have uplifted the standard of the DC live-action universe, which had always garnered a negative reception from the fans a few years ago. The cinematic world of the DC comics is again going to be fan-favorite with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 later this year.

    Apart from sensational Gal Gadot and her incredible performance as an immortal demigoddess, Wonder Woman, the upcoming movie has been highly anticipated for yet another actress, Kristen Wiig. The talented actor has joined the cast of Wonder Woman 1984 as the villainous archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva, who later gets imbued with Cheetah-like abilities. Minerva initially befriends Gadot’s Diana Prince but then ends up being foe in the movie’s runtime.

    A new image of Kristen Wiig’s as Minerva/Cheetah has surfaced recently, and the actress looks amazing in the Cheetah-inspired overcoat and wardrobe.

    However, the appearance isn’t fully Cheetah, as depicted in the DC comics. The trailers and sneak peek that has been released up to now also didn’t display Wiig’s complete transformation into Cheetah. The image somehow manages to tell us how the actor will transform into a nefarious character in the movie.

    Wiig’s DC debut has been heavily hyped, and director Patty Jenkins, as well as Warner Bros., has amazingly wrapped the contents away from the fans. The trailers only featured few brief looks regarding the appearance of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. Her full-Cheetah mode has been revealed through merchandise and concept arts, but not in movie’s content that has been publicized.

    The movie is scheduled for August 14, 2020, release after the original release date was forced to push back due to coronavirus. The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal will also appear in the movie as ruthless businessman Maxwell “Max” Lord, who also comes in conflict with Wonder Woman. Stark Trek actor Chris Pine will reprise his role as Steve Trever—Diana’s love interest—who had been presumed dead in the first film.


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