Is My Hero Academia Season 5 coming up soon?? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season.


    Well, People It’s time to be happy as “My Hero Academia” is coming back for Season 5, which is something we have been waiting for a long amount of time.

    The latest tweet by the creators of the series has proved that there is a new season coming our way, which is something we were asking for a long time.

    There has been a short clip revealed by the production which has been able to make the fans wonder as Deku has been able to sense something really weird about hi dream while he was asked that whether he is the 9th holder for “One for All” and suddenly, he wakes up with lighting like a thing.

    So, that’s how the whole teaser ends, and the problem with all this is that they didn’t announce it when we are going to have the upcoming season for this one.

    The story for My Hero Academia Season 5 !

    The whole thing is in clouds, and this thing is literally pissing almost everyone regarding the storyline, we can expect that it will start from the joint training where Class 1-A and 1-B was training to hone their quirks to make sure that they will be able to hone their skills to make sure that they will be able to defeat “The League of Villains.”

    How the movie is linked??

    There was also a movie of the anime that was released on Feb 26 named “My Hero Academia: Hero Rising” which was able to give a different aspect of the whole series but still, It was able to give a certain idea regarding the students of UA and League of Villains.

    With all that, We don’t have any idea are going to be there, but one thing is for sure that the cast is about to remain the same as per the whole thing is going on.

    With that, we have the teaser of the upcoming season on YouTube. You can watch it anytime. So, this is all we have for now.