Norman Reedus hinting at Death Stranding 2?? Kojima and Reedus up for a collaboration?? Know about the future project and other exciting updates!!


    Norman Reedus has recently hinted at something very prominent!! Excited about a sequel of Death Stranding?? Well, that’s exactly where we are driving. Will there be a sequel to the action game, Death Stranding?? What are the future plans related to it?? Get all your answers here and keep yourself updated.

    Will "Norman Reedus" Again Feature In "Death Stranding 2"?? Get Other Updates On The Popular Game!!!


    Fans have been wanting to witness Death Stranding 2 for quite some time now. However, there was no confirmation regarding the sequel until now. An interview with Norman Reedus has cleared the buzz. Thus hinting at Death Stranding 2, we’re highly expecting the sequel to return.

    Death Stranding is produced by Kojima Productions. Rumors are that Kojima and Reedus are speculating on plans to work together in the near future. Moreover, it’s definite that Death Stranding 2 will feature Norman Reedus.

    In addition to that, future collaboration is certain to come in their way. The success, Death Stranding gained, was enormous. There’s no looking back for them. Graphics and visuals were phenomenal and did receive praise from critics. Moreover, the gameplay received a positive response from players. As a result, high expectations linger about the sequel.

    Is It A Long Time Wait For "The Death Stranding 2"?? Will We See Norman Reedus Returning As The Protagonist???

    However, future collaboration may also be other projects too. As Kojima earlier informed me to dive into films. It’s quite certain to work with Reedus for the same. The duo will certainly bring magic together. Therefore, fans are eagerly waiting for the end result.

    Also, without diverting from our topic, the future project may possibly be Death Stranding 2. This can just be the apt hint for all our hopes regarding the action game.

    However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has delayed the process. But an announcement is out regarding the launch on Kojima productions twitter handle. The game will be out in July 2020.

    Since then, fans are excited about the release. So these were all the updates on Death Stranding 2. Stay tuned for more such exciting updates.


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