Popular Japanese Anime Megalo Box Returns for its Second Season! Release Date, Cast, Plot and A Lot More


    There’s no genre of entertainment left untouched by the Anime world, be it Sports, Romance, Comedy, Drama, or anything else! The popular Japanese television series Megalo Box (Transcribed as Megaro Bokusu) is also one of a kind as it neither has left no stone unturned. This energetic power-packed Anime is the perfect mix of ardent sportsmanship and soul-stirring emotions. It initially aired on April 6, 2018, in Japan and further globally.

    It’s been almost two years now since the first season of the Anime ended, and now the fans are being thrilled over the arrival of another season. So let’s know more about it!

    Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date

    A few months back in November 2019, the creators of Megalo Box gratified all its fans with the official declaration of a second season at the Anime NYC Convention.

    In addition to this, the exclusive teaser trailer for the second season was presented to the audience at the convention and to the whole world simultaneously. You can check the trailer here.

    However, the makers did not reveal the official release date of season 2 as it still might be under development. They mentioned that we could expect the series by the end of 2020 or by early 2021. So that’s when you can watch Gearless Joe return to try his luck in boxing, one more time.

    Just like its predecessor, we look forward to having the second season originally air on TBS in Japan and Toonami in the US subsequently. The online simulcast streaming of season 1 was available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and several other sites. So most probably this too will remain the same, unless any other altercations are made.

    What’s the Plot of Megalo Box Season 2??

    The story of Megalo Box is based on the life of an underdog forbidden from working up to his potential because of being an “unlicensed” or say, outcaste citizen. Going by the ring-name Junk Dog, the amateur’s race is for qualifying to the official tournament of Megalo Boxing, Megalonial, which is headed by Yukiko Shikato. Masqueraded as Joe, he uses a fake ID to register himself for the tournament. Under the guidance of his coach Nanbu, he gets inside the ring to fight his archrivals, Shark Samejima, Mikio Shimano, and finally, Yūri.

    In the last episode, we saw the much-awaited boxing match between Yūri and Joe. While the former was not in his best conditions due to enduring surgery just before the match, they both gave a tough fight to each other. In the end, while they both bet their chances on one last punch, the scene is shifted to another in 1 year in the future without showing a proper knockdown. Here, we saw Yūri, who is now in a wheelchair, Nanbu, who has opened his own Gym by the name of Gym Nowhere and Joe riding his bike.

    Before the credits rolled, the statement “Joe won the championship” appeared on the screens, and season 1 came to an end. So it was pretty much clear that Joe had won the battle as he came out of the ring safe and sound while Yūri, definitely not on his legs.

    But in the trailer, a man on the television was heard speaking in the background that “Yukiko has opened Megalonial once again as the title had been empty for a year.”

    Now, what’s this? Did the match draw? Did Joe refuse the title he craved for? To know we have to wait for season 2, which is also set 7 years later than the story of season 1. A grown-up Sachio and an older Joe with beard were seen in the trailer. So there will be a leap in timelines too. It’s exactly everything one would want from a new season!

    Who Will Return for Megalo Box Season 2?

    The trailer hinted for a comeback of most of the show’s cast. This includes Joe [Voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya], Nanbu [Voiced by Shiro Saito], Sachio [Voiced by Michiyo Murase], Yūri [Voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto] and Yukiko [Voiced by Nanako Mori].

    Among the others, we’ll see Aragaki, Mikio, Fujimaki, and Sachio’s friends making their appearances. However, all of these would be seen a little older as seven years would’ve passed by then.

    So there’s no doubt that season 2 will be one of the most awaited Anime of 2020. We hope to have it soon so we can see how much the characters have developed and what’s waiting for the next!




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