Are The Speculation Regarding “Prison School” Renewal For ” Season 2″ Are True: Get The Updates Here!!


    Akira Hiramoto’s television series Prison School about young girls in a boarding school is quite a different yet beautiful story. Prison School was first published in a weekly magazine before making it as an anime series. 

    The series made its debut on screen in July 2015 and had 12 episodes in total. At the beginning itself, the series received positive reviews from fans and critics, and now the fans are asking if there will be a second season of Prison School. 

    Release date: Prison School 2

    Well, the show makers did not confirm another season for the series to date, even though there were rumors regarding it. 

    Are The Speculation Regarding "Prison School" Renewal For " Season 2" Are True: Get The Updates Here!!

    But, let us hope they decide to bring a second season with outstanding content that could blow the minds of the fans more than it did in the first season.

    Plot: Prison School 2

    The plot revolves around girls who study in a boarding school called Hachimitsu Private Academy. The school has a strict academic policy and has a special prison block for those who disobey the rules and regulations, and if the students refuse to accept the punishment, they will be dismissed from school once and for all. 

    As the days pass, the authorities make a change in it where five boys get admitted into the school. Mind you; only five boys are around a school filled with girls. 

    Are The Speculation Regarding "Prison School" Renewal For " Season 2" Are True: Get The Updates Here!!

    In order to make the girls fall for them, they decide to do every stupid thing, including peeing on girls’ washrooms. However, as the student council members find out what these five boys have done, they get locked up in the prison block in school.

    The story is, in fact, quite thrilling and beautiful to watch. What made this anime series different from other usual high school stories is the prison block in school. For the way Prison School ended, the show makers can create another episode anyway they want. 

    Let’s hope we all get to watch another season of this Japanese manga series. 


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