Researchers reveal secret behind un-killable android malware ‘xhelper’. Know everything about it!


    Unbelievable malware is in the market, which cannot be deleted even after the factory resets. It sounds different but very scary as it can cause a lot of damage or threat to the system after a certain point of time.

    The app behaves like a performance enhancer by deleting old and unwanted files. Antivirus provider recently detected 33000 devices mainly from the United States, while AV from Russia –based Kaspersky lab on 50,000 devices.

    No one knows if Xhelper came from Google play, there is no evidence for that. After installing xHelper, automatically, it installs a backdoor app from an attacker-controlled server. This is the most dangerous Android malware. It came in the notice by 2019 since then every researcher is finding features and way to it.

    The secret to ‘xhelper.’

    Many researchers were working on it and officially posted a report, which confirmed it actually hides and gets reinstalled, which makes it difficult to manage, even they are not sure about the mystery behind this.

    But one of them came up with the counter move. Kaspersky researcher, Igor Golovin, told us about Trojan dropper, in short, which is a clearer app and can hide too, which means it does not appear on the screen but with all the apps installed.

    After the installation, the android malware tries to send personal information to the third party, including the ID, manufactures, model, etc. then it starts installing the modules after one another.

    What is affected most?

    Majorly helper is affecting android six marshmallow and android seven nougat devices, Golovin declared it is an unkillable device one cannot run from it, helper controls over the whole system and then destroys it slowly or gradually.

    One way you can do is to reflash your device with different firmware. This is creating a lot of chaos in the minds of researchers as the solution for this is not there. We collected as much information and hoped you liked it. As soon as we get more, we will let you know.


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