What will happen in Riverdale Season 5!!! Is the plot twisted this time?? Know all news regarding the show here!


    Season 5 of Riverdale is coming back with Prom. This might be the last time when the whole gang is back together.

    With the final year at Riverdale high. The boys are planning for their career up ahead and trying for colleges, with Archie joining Naval academy and jughead being accepted by the University of Iowa.

    In January 2020, it was announced by the studio that the show would be renewed for a fifth season. The show is based on the characters from the Archie comics. The story is placed in the city of Riverdale, whose mystery is explored by our protagonist. The show was created by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa. Till now, there have been four seasons of the show.

    Release date of Riverdale Season 5

    The release date of season 5 is not announced by the studio. The series was renewed in January, but the production was shut down indefinitely due to the coronavirus lockdown. Even the fourth season was cut short because of the unexpected circumstances.

    The show is shrouded in mystery and combines every cliché from a teen drama and detective shows. The show has been receiving a continuous high rating from all the viewers and has started its shared universe with “the chilling adventure of Sabrina.”

    But over each consequent season, there has been a dip in viewership for the show. The ratings on rotten tomatoes are still very high, with all four seasons being above 84%.

    What might happen in Riverdale Season 5??

    So, season 4 ended with the twist of the murder of Mr honey. He was against the Prom, which was planned by Archie and his gang. There are many unanswered questions this seasons about the jughead. Will he graduate or he finds about Barchie’s kiss?

    But the biggest cliff-hanger will be who is framing Archie and his gang for the murders!!


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