The Sahar Mustafah book, ‘The Beauty of Your Face’. Is it Worth a Read?? Lets Find Out!!


    The Sahar Mustafah book, ‘The Beauty of Your Face’ has already released last week on April 7, 2020. The book is available online on Goodreads, Rakuten Kobo, etc. Readers can easily access them online and keep up with their reading.

    Amidst the global crisis, reading books is a productive option for all. The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has flustered the people across the world where reading books can not only soothe your mind but also add to your knowledge. Reading books amidst the lockdown is a good option to keep your mind off the negativities, and a novel like ‘The Beauty of Your Face’ is a good choice. The novel revolves around the inhumanity and racism. The emotions depicted in the novel will go through your heart. The realistic events and devastating effects it caused will squeeze out every drop of emotion within you.

    About the novel, ‘The Beauty of Your Face’ :

    The novel revolves around the protagonist, Afaf Rehman, who is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. The plot covers the wrenching heart events of Afaf’s childhood and presents a terrifying situation in the school she works in. Amidst the chaotic world of inhumanity and racism, her father’s hope adds beauty to her life. The book is worth reading amidst the lockdown.

    About the author of ‘The Beauty of Your Face’ :

    The American Novelist, Sahar Mustafah, is declared as the ‘BEST FICTION BY WOMEN IN 2020′. She was awarded The Guild Literary Complex Prize for her collection – Code Of The West in 2017. She is also honored with three Pushcart Prize nominations and a distinguished honor for short stories of America. Presently, she teaches literature and creative writing in the outskirts of Chicago to high school students.