The Last of Us 2 and features and weapons


    The Last of Us is Survival game, developed by Naughty Dog. Programmers for this games are Travis McIntosh and Jason Gregory. This game is published by Sony computer Entertainments. This game is supported for Play station 3 and 4.

    The Last of Us is Released in 2013. The sequel of this game, Titled ‘ the last of us 2’, will be released soon, and it was announced on 3 December 2016 by sony.

    Modes of The Last of Us 2

    This game as two modes, such as single-player and multiplayer, and it is a third-person perspective game. Players are allowed to use the advanced weapons against hostile humans and some creatures that are mutated by cordyceps Fungus to win the game.

    This game allows the online multiplayer game. The player uses Firearms, advanced weapons, and Stealth to play against enemies.

    About the game: The Last of Us 2

    The player will be controlling as Joel in the Post Apocalyptic environment, and in the winter segment, the player will be controlled as Ellie. Actually, Joel (Player) is accompanied by Ellie.

    Weapons of The Last of Us 2

    weapons used in this game are Rifles, shotguns, Bows, Short guns, and short-barrelled shotguns. The player can also use some weapons such as pipes, baseball bats,  throw bottles, and many more weapons used to attack against enemies.

    Features of The Last of Us 2

    Some of the features in the game are

    • Has medical meter consists of Collecting pills and medical plants. This will upgrade the speed of the player.  This game allows regaining health using health kits.
    • Another feature is ” Listening Mode,” where the player can locate the enemies in the play area over walls and objects.
    • One more feature is a dynamic cover system with the support of Tactical Advantage during the game.
    • By solving puzzles allows Ellie to swim.

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