The Last of Us 2: Release date, Plot, Game play, Mode and other informations. Who are there in the game?


    This year of illness, many problems arise in the world due to Coronavirus Pandemic. It affected everything and every place in the world. The entertainment genre and field have also got affected and that is the reason why the film and the game delayed many times and still getting postponed. One such game is the sequel of The Last Of Us, that is, The Last of Us 2.

    The Last of Us is an adventure game. It is also an action game that is developed by Naughty Dog. The Last of Us is going to get published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, again a great label. This game was planned to get released at the very beginning of 2017 but delayed. It is a game full of horror and cannibals and some other creatures. The designers of this game are- Richard Cambier and Emilia Schatz, helped in designing the game.

    What is the release date of The Last of Us 2?

    The Last of Us 2 was planned for a long period of time and even got almost done. But due to many reasons, it got delayed. The game was announced somewhere in December 2015 but delayed for two times.

    The reason was the proper development of the game as well as the problems of the world right now due to COVID-19. The game has finally got a release date and that is 19 June 2020. Let us hope that we will get this game soon without any further delay.

    Who are there in The Last of Us 2?

    As we know that the game was in development since 2014 and was about to release just after The Last of Us Remastered but it got delayed. What remains the same was the characters. We have Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Elle.

    Other information related to The Last of Us 2

    The game was initially planned for multiplayer but due to some reason or we can say that due to too much time in development, makers decided to make it a single-player game. This game was even got leaked. The report regarding leak was made on 26 April 2020. It was said this leak has almost all the important information regarding gameplay and story details.

    Well, what we have to do is just wait and hope that it won’t get delayed again. Fans are expecting a lot from this game and they can’t wait any longer.


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