The Real Reason Why Ruby Rose, aka Batwoman Exited The CW Batwoman; Fans Are Devastated


    Ruby Rose has shocked the Batwoman fan after she announced that she wouldn’t be returning for the show’s second season. The actress mentioned that it was a difficult choice to make, and the decision wasn’t made lightly.

    The real reason behind the actress’s departure wasn’t revealed earlier, but now we might know why the actress decided to step down the role of Kate Kane. The reports from reputable sources confirmed that the 34-year-old actress was unhappy with the commitment required to star in network series as a lead actor.

    The fans, however, believed that the reason behind the exit was due to her health problem. She is reportedly going to have surgery for herniated discs. Ruby Rose was grateful to the showrunners and had respect for all those involved in the show. Ruby Rose’s shocking has devastated all the Arrowverse fans as they believe that the actress is a perfect fit for the role.

    Batwoman' Star Ruby Rose Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Stunt ...

    The CW renewed the Batwoman for the second season back in January, but the filming has been suspended due to coronavirus pandemic. The CW announced that they won’t cancel the show but would recast Kate Kane’s character. The production-suspension has also left the season one with only 20 episodes out of 22.

    Ruby Rose made her breakout role in season three of Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, and since then, she has appeared in various big roles. The actress famous for her roles as badass action-girl in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick 2 will next appear in action-thriller, SAS: Red Notice.

    Ruby Rose has vacated the role of Batwoman, and fans were wondering who might fit into the role. When Rose made her appearance in the live-action Batwoman, back in 2018, people were unhappy for not casting lesbian enough and Jewish for the role of Kate Kane. Now, the CW may cast the actress according to the same criteria.

    The new reports claimed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress, Stephanie Beatriz is interested in donning cape and cowl for the sophomore season.