Will Kate Beckinsale return in Widow Season 2?? Every gossip and rumor revolving around the show is here!!


    Will the sequel Widow Season 2 ever happen?

    According to the creators and the producers of the show, in their interviews, they have confirmed that there will be no sequel for the hit show “Widow.”

    They said and I quote-

    “By the time we get to the end, it’s a one-off. It’s very satisfying. There’s no secret pilot. There’s no following season.

    “It’s really exciting for the eight parts; it’s almost like a movie.”

    In conclusion, there will be no Widow 2, as the story wraps up nicely after the season one finale.

    The action-packed world of WidowWhat Has Put "The Widow" On Cancellation Mode After "Season 1" Only: It Is Getting Renewed Now??

    The story takes place in destabilized central Africa, where corruption and smuggling are rampant. As Georgia wells¬†lead her quiet life in great Britain, she chances upon a clip depicting her dead husband alive. she decides to find out the truth behind her husband’s disappearance.

    It is revealed that Martin Benson was smuggler for a dictator and had started a new life in Rwanda with a new child. The series ended with Georgia finding her peace back home with her adopted daughter Adidja.


    The Cast of Widow Season 2

    The show has Kate Beckinsale as the lead playing the “widow” Georgia wells, and Charles Dance as her husband, Martin Benson. The supporting cast includes Babs Olusanmokun as General Azikiwe, Alex Kingston as Judith Gray, and last but not least, Shalom Nyandiko as Adidja.

    The critical reception

    The show was not a big hit with the critics. It scored 56% on Rotton Tomatoes, unsatisfactory for a renewal. The show was aired on Amazon prime back in 2019. it was created by the BAFTA-winning creators’ Henry and Jack Williams. It has been well over a year, and a sequel is very unlikely for the show.


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