Warner Bros drafting plans for Mask 3 with Jim Carrey? Everything you need to know!


    Mask has always been the best from Hollywood; this 1994 American comic superhero movie has always brought a smile on the audience’s face. And the good news is Warner Bros is calling Jim Carrey back in the third installment of the mask.

    One of the most talented actors who is collaborating with Warner Bros, this is going to be iconic; everyone just can’t wait to watch the ideal on-screen. Even this time, it is heard they are gearing up with some new faces and new characters.


    More About Mask 3

    “Son of the Mask unfortunately didn’t do well; warner bros are taking a step more carefully this time and thinking of making it a complete female-driven reboot of the franchise, although we can’t say anything as commitment unless they make an official announcement.

    The origin of this movie came from the comic book, which was later converted into a movie and even gained $531 million in the box office. The characters and their name got so much popularity, in that era, people were crazy for superhero stuff, although they still are the movie created its own fan base.

    Bill Murray is heard to be staring in ghost-bust three, which is another huge hit. They have planned to make their fans stick to the couch. Back to back movies are coming; everyone is going to enjoy a lot.

    Creating root for Mask 3

    Jim Carrey is back to play the Stanley kiss, a man who wears a mask and become a breathing animation when he places a magical nose mask. We don’t have any news that they actually talked to him about the movie, but they seem to be interested in working with them.

    Making movies with huge stars is a great opportunity; their fan following is mind bobbling. This time rumors are coming up as they bring the female character in the story, but still, they will keep it alike comic the basic flavor of the story.

    The boss of entertainment is not much away; we just need to keep little patience and will surely get the best result.



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