Warner Bros Drafting Plans For ‘Mask 3’ With Jim Carrey? Are we getting previous casts?


    There are many movies made in the 1990s in Hollywood, many of them were hits, and some of them are still remembered, and fans want to see more of those movies. If we talk about one of the movies in the 1990s whose character is comical plus dark, then with no doubt, we can take up the name of The Mask movie.

    The Mask was an American movie with the concept of a superhero and had the flavor of comedy in it. The movie first came in 1994 and was directed by Charles Russell. The movie was produced by Bob Engelman. The Mask of 1994 was written by Mike Web, and he is the one who had done the screenplay. The Mask became so popular and did so well at the box office that fans and makers always wanted to renew it. The movie was made in a budget of $23 million and had gained $351.6 million.

    Recently the movie became so much in the news with the rumors of renewal. According to the rumors, we will get to see Jim Carrey again. So is it true?

    The drafting plans for Mask 3

    The movie of 1994 did so well, and the lead actor Jim Carrey was so fabulous in his character that fans and makers wanted to see more of him. The characters of Mask were of Darkhorse, but now the characters of Darkhorse or the comics will be brought back by one of the best labels of movies in Hollywood, that is, Warner Brothers. Recently many films are coming on screens again with some other characters and makers, one of them is Ghostbusters 3 of Bill Murrey, which is also going to get the schedule. Now the question here arises that we will only get Jim Carrey or other characters? Let’s see.

    Jim Carrey

    The possible characters of Mask 3

    The characters that were in the 1994 film were absolutely amazing, and it would be better if we will get all of them again. But it seems quite impossible. It is sure that Warner Bros will bring the movie with Jim Carry. If we get some of the previous characters, then it will be a treat to fans. The previous characters are- Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss or The Mask (“a nice just trying to get by”), Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell (a mafia officer), Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle (girlfriend of Dorian Tyrell), Orestes Matacena as Niko (the boss mafia), Peter Riegret as Lt. Mitch Kellaway (detective), Jim Doughan as Detective Doyle (partner of Kellaway), Richard Jeni as Charlie Schumaker (friend of Stanley), Amy Yasbeck as Peggy Brandt (a reporter), Jeremy Roberts as Bobby the Bouncer(Bodyguard of Tyrell and a bouncer).

    Fans are happy because they think Warner Bros can really take the Mask 3 up to the level of the storm.