Anime fans need to cheer up as The Promised Neverland 2 is coming up pretty soon!! Know the Release date, Cast, Plot and other details!


    Plenty of Adventure thriller animes have been able to catch our attention in these past years, and still, we have a lot of animes out there on which we can talk about.

    But let’s just talk about one of them which has been able to catch the attention of the audience for a good amount of time.

    This one is “The Promised Neverland.” This one has been able to catch the attention of all the anime fans out there with its intriguing storyline and concept.

    What to expect from the upcoming season of The Promised Neverland 2??

    The first season was a hit, and immediately it was renewed for a second season, and since then, CloverStudio is working on the second season.

    The story revolves around a mother, Isabella, who is basically running a kind of prison for children who are supposed to live as prisoners and follow the orders of Isabella. The whole thing is a mystery thriller and also remains an adventure series as these kids try their best to get out of this hell.

    When The Promised Neverland 2 going to be released??

    The upcoming season is going to be released alongside much famous anime like “Sword Art: Alicization” and many others. The upcoming season is going to take a turn towards being more of a horror series. So, People need to be ready as this thing is going to get more sinister and evil as time passes by.

    We don’t have the teaser for the upcoming season and also no idea whether the characters are going to remain the same or there is going to be any shift within the whole thing.

    This series has been able to spot a place for himself as one of the best anime of 2019 and with that the upcoming season is something, people are dying to watch and even though the renewal was a relief but looks like this is going to take a while as the pandemic has been able to take our pleasure for sure.