Why CoronaVirus is more than Just Pandemic and 5 Signs that it could kill you


    The year 2020 opened with a cagey illness in a town in China, but after several months the sickness has affected multiple countries globally, and nearly a lakh of people have been directly infected with the later-known sickening virus—coronavirus.

    This coronavirus COVID-19 is currently affecting 125 countries across the planet. It has already shattered the lives of around 130 thousand people worldwide, in which 4,751 people have already lost their lives, and thousands are on the verge of leaving the world forever. World Health Organization claimed that the window of opportunities to contain the virus from spreading has already narrowed down. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the chief of WHO, confirmed that the virus is now a pandemic.

    The pandemic has now triggered an unprecedented quarantines and stock market turmoil. After China—the epicenter of the virus—South Korea and Italy reported a significant number of confirmed cases and deaths.   Italy has announced that the whole country would be in lockdown to ensure the safety of people and stop the virus spreading from the worst affected region. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed that the whole market, except food shops and pharmacies, has been locked down through the country and suspended major sporting events like Serie A—which was previously conducted behind closed doors.

    World Health Organization has requested every country to take urgent and aggressive action to contain the disease and protect their people from being infected with the virus. The deep communities in every country have been living in fear and threat, and now it looks like the disease is more than Just Pandemic.

    The five signs one should not ignore about the virus includes;

    1. People with severe illness or underlying diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, underlying respiratory illness are at a higher risk of getting infected and are more likely to die.
    2. Continuous coughing and sudden rise in the body’s temperature.
    3. Discomfort and shortness in breathing.
    4. Showing the symptoms of pneumonia.
    5. Fatigue, Anorexia, Dyspnea, Myalgia, Headache, and Abdominal Pain

    These might be the fatal signs, but various medical institutions and health care organizations that studied confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, about 80% of the total cases showed mild and flu-like symptoms and later diagnosed with the coronavirus. People are requested to isolate themselves, avoid public gatherings, and use medical masks to stay away from the virus. If one has mild symptoms, he/she should stay home and handle their health gently rather than rushing into health care. If everyone with mild cases, starts to attend health care, then it would be tough for such a facility to handle the infected ones effectively.