YouTube Star Corey La Barrie HORRIBLY Killed by Ink Master Tattoo Artist Daniel Silva, LAPD Captured Silva


    The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested reality-show Ink Master Star Daniel Silva on the murder suspicion of YouTube personality Corey La Barrie.

    Daniel Silva and Corey La Barrie witnessed a fatal car crash in the Valley Village neighborhood on Sunday night. Silva was driving his 2020 McLaren 600LT, and La Barrie was his passenger. The reports claimed that the accident was a single-car crash and no other vehicles involved. Silva and La Barrie were only two people involved in the fatal car crash.

    NBC News reported that Silva lost control of his luxurious car after driving the vehicle at a very high speed. The car—as a result of the high rate of speed—left its course from the road and bumped into a nearby tree. Both the people in the car were rushed to the vehicles, but La Barrie died after succumbing to crash injuries.

    The cops grew their suspicion towards 26-year-old Ink Master Star after he tried to flee the scene. The locals—who witnessed the crash and came to help stopped the tattoo artist and sent him to the hospital. He didn’t receive any major injuries but was treated for a broken hip in the hospital. On the other hand, La Barrie sustained wounds and injuries due to the crash, and later the medics pronounced him dead at the hospital.

    The online jail record mentioned that Silva was taken into custody on the murder suspicion on Monday and still remains in custody as his bail amount has been set to $2,000,000. The LAPD spokesperson confirmed USA Today that the driver involved in the car crash was in a heavy influence of alcohol but refused to identify La Barrie.

    La Barrie’s brother later confirmed that his brother was the passenger in a heartbreaking Instagram tribute on Monday. Corey La Barrie has just celebrated his 25th birthday on the day of unfortunate car-crash.


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