“Apex Legends”, EA is going to have an Android Version of this game very soon.


    EA games have been able to provide a lot of games over the era which are loved by its fans and in this pandemic, they have been able to give us an extraordinary surprise with releasing “Apex Legends” for mobile.

    In 2019, The company announced that a version of this game is going to be released for Android phones and the executives are also going to be in the team for the works of the gaming series.

    This could be released by the end of 2020 or could take longer. It’s been speculated that the company is going to release two games in the year.

    Release date for the Android Version

    EA hasn’t made any announcement regarding the whole thing and also their executives are also not making any kind of bold announcements.

    Even though the pandemic has been able to halt the whole work progress but still, they are trying their best to get the game release before 2021.

    The game has its own legacy as this one was able to reach 10 million players within 72 hours of its initial release. The game actually was created by Respawn Entertainment and since then it has been able to become famous as one of the best battle royale games ever.

    The company till now hasn’t revealed anything regarding the game but we will soon be able to know regarding its advance features and all the things which we are going to be allowed for this game.

    How good the game really is?

    The game was initially released for just PCs and Play stations. The whole game is set on a science fiction universe and it basically allows three members or 2 person duos to playing. This has remained a tough competitor to “Fortnite”.

    Regarding the gameplay and all the other advancement, it has been able to make over the years is something which is pretty awesome and really deserves our praise.

    So, People you just need to wait for a little longer for the mobile version of the game.