Are we really going to have a 2nd season for “The Pale Horse”?


    Well, Agatha Christie has been able to give us a good number of novels which are still read, adapted and loved by all.

    And the creators of Amazon has been able to adapt one her novels into a miniseries which is “The Pale Horse”.

    Is that really worth the effort??

    The series is based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie and after the series came, the series was loved by all.

    Now, there are talks going on regarding the fact that it’s coming for a second season which is something which is not liked by all.

    The first season was able to give us a pretty good ending which was seemed to be more than just enough but now the second season is coming up with which not a lot of people are happy about.

    What could be there for Season 2

    The first season was completely based on the novel and there were some references regarding some other stories but other than that the whole thing was a done case.

    The cast is something we don’t have any idea about at this moment as the first season was deemed to be enough. So, we don’t have any updates regarding that.

    Then comes the trailer which we don’t have simply as the news regarding the second season is something Amazon had recently made public but still there are questions regarding whether it’s going to be renewed or not as BBC also have the rights for the series. So, It will be something to look after whether they are going to say yes to it or not.

    And then again, No updates on the story either as the story which was adapted from the novel is already done and it’s supposed to be a miniseries. So, that’s going to remain the question whether the series is going to have a new story to adapt or they are going to modify it with something else which remain completely irrelevant to the previous one.


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