Battlefield 6 video game is coming for you by your favourite gaming company EA


    As you all know that games have always been the most important part of our life. Suppose you are very much depressed then just play the game and you will definitely feel relaxed. So in here, we are talking about the upcoming video game named Battlefield part 6. The battlefield was Netflix most successful game after Fifa.

    EA gaming company is one of the best gaming company around the world. They have developed so many games which are not only famous but till now also it is being played. The first Battlefield video game was released in the year of 1942 which was only eligible for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Fr9m this only you can know how old the video game is.

    Battlefield 6

    What is the exact release date of Battlefield 6?

    We all know that after EA games declared the next sequel of the video game of Battlefield 6. There were lots of people around the world who were waiting for the 6th part. So it is good news for all the gamers and that is that EA games have declared the exact release date of Battlefield 6. So it will be released in 2021.

    Platform in which the Battlefield 6th part will be released?

    EA games have said that Battlefield 6th part will be the most advanced part. So in this time, they are even releasing this in the different platform. So the platform includes PS 5, Xbox Series 10 and PC. So are you excited to play the game in the most advanced platform?

    What will be the main features of Battlefield 6?

    The season is all new so we can tell that EA has created the most advanced features. Among this one of the main features includes the video quality. The video quality of the 6th part will be the best as compared to the other Battlefield game. Apart from the video quality, you will also get the most advanced and customized weapons which you can take and win the game.

    Talking about the storyline of the series. It is very much impossible to tell what it will be. Actually, EA even hasn’t declared the storyline. You can tell that EA will give surprise to their gamers.