Capcom to release Resident Evil 3 in 2020 with a Remaked version: Fans Can’t Wait!


    Famous Japanese gaming company Capcom’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which released back in 1999, is going to have a remake version soon. The popular survival-horror game is likely to get a newer version soon, and we can expect that it would be named ‘Resident Evil 3′. The players might have to manage uncommon ammo and healing items as they struggle to survive. Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera, along with Nemesis, are hopefully coming back with an upgraded look and thrill, and they both are found to be more realistic than ever!

    As per reports, the remake Resident Evil 3 (RE3) will be available from April 3, 2020, on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC. Just like the Resident Evil 2 remake, the Resident Evil 3 remake includes gameplay updates and some proper over-the-shoulder shooting along with modern controls! Also included in the Resident Evil 3 remake is Resident Evil Resistance, the online multiplayer game that has been teased for months. It’s a relief to see that Resident Evil Resistance was it’s remake all along.

    Earlier, Capcom revealed a promo video of RE3, which shows some exciting new features, and we found some similarities with the previous RE2 version too. As per experts,  every aspect of the graphics or art has been created with gameplay in mind. This is clear in the change in Jill’s outfit from the 1999 version. It comes with an art book featuring various concept art, a voucher code for the digital soundtrack to Resident Evil 3 (and the soundtrack to the online mode, Resident Evil Resistance), and a double-sided map poster of Raccoon City. In addition, there is some tensive pre-order bonus! With all editions (physical or digital), there will be costume pack featuring outfits for the characters inspired by the original 1999 appearances.

    Capcom has also produced several non-video arcades and pinball games. Apart from the resident evil series, they have produced some more game series, which are hugely popular among game lovers not only in Japan but across the world.

    Now, all we can do is wait for April 2020 to come and let us experience the excitement practically.


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