Den of Thieves 2: Release Date, Plot and Cast. All the latest updates you should know!


    Movies are something that is of short duration but is the longest or we can say the best way to entertain audiences. There are many movies released till date, almost like thousands in a year. The best entertainment industry that we have for the movie is Hollywood. In the year 2018, many movies released and one of them was Den of Thieves.

    Den of Thieves is an American crime and action movie which is also known as Criminal Squad. It is a thriller film written by Christian Gudegast and he is the one who has done the screenplay and the direction of the movie. The film was distributed by STX Films. The film has received a mixed review from critics as well as from the audience but overall the film was really good. Recently this film is in news regarding the sequel, so are we getting it?

    The release date of Den of Part 2

    This movie first-ever released on 19 January 2018. The movie was made up of the budget if $30 million and has collected $80 million. Due to the mixed reviews and a thumbs-up from audiences the makers have decided to turn this film into a sequel. According to them the sequel is in development. When it comes to the release date of Den of Thieves Part 2 then nothing was announced. But if things will be back soon at track then we might be getting this film somewhere in the summer of 2021.

    The cast of Den of Thieves Part 2

    The cast of Den of Thieves Part 2 would be the same as the cast of Den of Thieves Part 1, especially the leading one. The casts are: Gerard Butler as Detective Nicholas or Big Nick, Pablo Schreiber as Ray Merrimen, O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Donnie Wilson, 50 Cent or Curtis Jackson as Levi Enson Levoux, Cooper Andrews as Mack, Maurice Compte as Detective Benny, Evan Jones as Bo Bosco Ostroman.

    The plot of Den of Thieves Part 2

    The film was set in the capital of the world in terms of bank robbery, that is, Los Angeles. We have seen in part one that at last the bartender whose name is Donnie Wilson played by O’ Shea Jackson Junior, is the real mastermind behind everything. This thing will set up the story for part two of the film. The story will be set in London and Nick will be chasing Donnie. Donnie will now be engaged in the jewelry robbery.

    The plot of part two seems quite interesting. Fans and critics are expecting from makers to work on those things that they have left in part one as incomplete or not so good.