Dying Light 2 Release Date, Game play is stunning, Graphics are outstanding. Will Aiden Caldwell return?


    Most apocalyptic Zombie game ever ‘Dying light’ has confirmed for second part. If you love killing zombie, crafting material, combining weapon then you must play Dying light because the game is full of visual effect, blood, action and fear. The first part of this game came in 28 january, 2015 for linux, MS windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox one. This game had both single and multiplayer option where you can kill zombie with your friend. The game was developed by Techland and the big company Warner Bros has published it.

    Release date and Game play of Dying Light 2:

    The upcoming survival action role playing was set to release in the end of 2020. Because we know all the logistics and supply chain hurdle due to pandemic covid-19. The director of this upcoming game Adrian Ciszewski has assured us that this game is going to blow our mind with visual effect and day-night environment. In this game there will be more brutal combat, zombies, wild animals, blood, action pack fight and so on.

    Story and Graphic requirement:

    The story is set to the time where humanity is on the edge of end. The infected player Aiden Caldwell will have to survive in different city but he can’t escape from zombie so long in this game. Probably you will feel fear in the story. There will so many different maps with different city. So it will require a powerful computer and Ps4. Let’s take a look on graphics requirement:

    I5 processor, 760 ti gtx with nvidia graphic card or same level on Amd, 8 GB ram, 70 Gb hard disk storage. So basically it is most demanding game and may be it will consist Real ray tracing mode. So the gamers need to keep in touch with us for upcoming news about confirmed release date of Dyling light 2.