Dying Light 2: Release Date, Plot and Platforms. What can we expect from the second version?


    There are many games made and are made of different and every genre so that the developers of such games can fulfill the appetite of every gamer. But some of the gamers are not fulfilled with just one genre of games at a time, they need a mixture of all. If we talk about such games then we do have such games and one of them is Dying Light for sure.

    Dying Light is an open-world video game. It is a game of the first person. And when it comes to the genre then it is an action, adventure, and of course a horror game. This game is developed by Techland. The game was published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment as well as Techland Publisher. The director of Day Light is Adrian Ciszewski. The programmer of this game is Michal Nowak for the first version only and the writer is Chris Avellone. This game became so popular that makers are coming with its second version call Day Light 2.

    The release date of Day Light 2

    The Day Light 2 is a video game that will be programmed by Bartosz Kulon. The arrival of the second version of the game was announced at the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 by the narrative designer of this game, Chris Avellone. The first version of Dying Light was announced in May 2013 and released in January 2015. So if we calculate the gap between the announcement and release of the first version then we might be getting the second version somewhere in late 2020. The release date of this game is yet to be announced but we will be getting this game between 2020 and 2021 for sure.

    The plot of Dying Light 2

    The plot of this game is so amazing and must be better than the earlier version of the game. The player will assume the role of Aiden Cadwell, the new protagonist. In the earlier version, we had Kyle Crane played by Roger Smith. The players are allowed to climb with the help of a rope, they can slide and can leap off the edges. The weapons in this game will have limited life spans but these weapons would be of long-range like crossbows, shotguns, and spears. When it comes to the time setting then this game will begin 15 years later from the time of Dying Light.

    The platform of Dying Light 2

    The game is in progress and the release date is still not confirmed. But when it comes to the platform of release then it is all fixed. It is made for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One.

    Now what we have to do is to wait patiently for the release date. Once the date would be announced then we will be able to order this game.