Everything you need to know about the upcoming game by Sony “Ghost of Tshushima”.


    It has been a while and we are just hearing a lot of news about the pandemic which is not giving any good news for a very long time.

    Still need to stay calm and relax as thinking recklessly is not going to help you any better. There are plenty of ways to get your frustration out and one way is game.

    What’s so good about it

    There are a good number of games whose date of release was rescheduled due to the pandemic. One of them is “Ghost Of Tshushima”.

    If someone is really into sword fights and historical periods and want to relive as a man of Edo period, then this game is just for you.

    This game belongs to Sony and created by Sucker Punch productions which means only those who have access to PS4 or PS5 are allowed to play this RPG.

    This game is a pretty big change for the production as they have been able to change their theme from future cities to Edo period of Japan.

    Release date and other details regarding the game

    The game could be released in June or by the end of July or it could get delayed even further. So, for this one, we can only expect that the game will be released anytime soon.

    The trailer for the gaming series has been out and it’s just awesome. The scenery of the fields and every aspect of nature which has been developed by the production is something worth looking again and again. The cinematic experience regarding the trailer makes you even more eager to play the game.

    The plot revolves around Jin Sakai who is a resident of Tsushima which is a place connected to Japan. It’s the year 1274 and the Mongols has invaded the land of Tsushima. Now, Jin has decided to take on these invaders and make sure that he will be able to keep his family safe even if he had to die for.

    So, that’s how the game goes as you will be able to play the character and save your land from invaders. So, wait for a little longer for the game to release.