Everything you need to know about the upcoming RPG “Outriders”.


    “Square Enix”, This production house has been able to give us a lot of games over the years. They are the ones who have created  Final Fantasy and CloudStrife.

    And now they are able to give us a new game this year which is looking pretty awesome and the name is “Outriders”.

    The production house released the news on E3 2019. They released a cinematic trailer of this apocalyptic game was able to launch and it was more than enough to make the gaming fans to go crazy.

    The game is supposed to be released by the end of 2020. The game is basically a post-apocalyptic battleground where players need to be in a team of three to play this one.

    The game will be released for Xbox Series X and PS5. The date of release could be delayed as the current situation which we are facing is something more than just a problem.

    Features of this game

    The game is something which has been able to take the more of a realistic approach than the cartoonish one. The whole game could also be played by a single person.

    The RPG element has been able to go quite well with the realistic approach with weapons like sniper and all the other guns are also there which makes it pretty awesome. The gameplay is something which is a kind of mixture of action and drama.

    The plot

    The game basically focuses on the kind of adventure it will be able to provide. The three-man team has different positions which allow each and every character to do a kind of unique activity which can be only done by them.

    The game is basically a post-apocalyptic game where the Earth is in shambles and the remaining humans are on Enoch which is also pretty much destroyed due to some evil technology which has been able to create warp almost everywhere within that civilisation.

    So, Now the gamers have the responsibility to save civilization and make that place a better place to live.