Gods and Monsters: Release date, Plot and every thing you should know! What is so unique about this game?


    In this lockdown time what we have is just a few entertainment sources that are helping us in making our time pass. One of such entertainment source is video games. There is a lot of video game made till date and every game is unique in their own way. There are a lot of genres in the game and one of them is action plus adventures. If we talk about such upcoming games then Gods and Monsters come at the top of the list.

    Gods and Monsters is a video game full of action. It is an open-world adventure game. The developer of this game is Ubisoft Quebec and the publisher is Ubisoft. This game has become the much-awaited game between gamers as it has totally a unique plot, that is of fighting from monsters and saving Greek Gods.

    The release date of Gods and Monsters

    The open-world action game is actually one of the soon to get released games. When it comes to the releasing date then it was initially going to get a release in 2020 but somehow it got a break. The exact date of release is yet to be confirmed or announced.

    The plot of Gods and Monsters

    The whole plot is about saving Greek Gods who became the captives of monsters. It is a story of a forgotten hero who is going to save gods from the disastrous creatures. The man has to do the journey of Isle of the Blessed. The main boy faces the many mythological creatures and defeats the deadliest of them all, that is, Typhon. He is the deadliest Greek monster of Greek mythology. This game is full of epic battles between the savior and the demons. Marc Alexis Cote of Ubisoft said “with Gods and monsters, these tales take on a life of their own, to become a reality to be explored like never before.”

    The task in Gods and Monsters

    There are many tasks and duties in this game. Some of them are:

    1) The players have to save the God who had become the captives of deadliest monsters and especially of Typhon.

    2)Players have some power given by the Gods who live on mount Olympus. This power will help the players in fighting with monsters. So what they have to do is just to use these powers in a proper way.

    3) They have to face some deadliest mythological creatures or monsters. There are many monsters in this game and some of them are Cyclopes, Hydras, and Gorgons.

    4) The gamers gave a different world to live on. These worlds are full of surprises and seem like as if it is just a mere painting.

    The unique concept of this game makes this game different from others and I guess that is the reason why gamers are waiting for this game.