Is World War Z part 2 is coming or not. Get all the information about it


    Zombie movie have become the most common horror movie. You can tell that there are lots of movie with different languages who have adopted the theme of Zombie. Just because the viewers prefer this type of movies a lot.

    So keeping in mind about the viewers’ interest David Fincher has created a movie name World War z. The genres of this movie are action, horror, thriller, etc.

    The first part of World War Z was launched in the year of 2013. At that time the IMDB rating of this movie was 7 out of 10 and it was also 60% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. But the main thing is that World War z part was directed by Marc Forster and the 2nd part will be directed by David Fincher.

    What is the exact release date of World War Z 2?

    At first, it was being told that David Fincher is ready to launch the movie of World War Z 2.which was going to be launched in the year 2017. But when the year of 2017 there was no release of the film nothing. So it was also being told that the production will be started in 2018. After that, the shocking news came when Brad Pitt signed the other project. Later it was moved to 2019 to 2020.

    But in 2020 also it seems impossible for the release of World War Z 2. This is because China has band all the movie that contains supernatural powers and zombies. They have done this just because of some kinds of political reasons.

    What is the main plot of World War Z 2?

    Firstly there are movies where we have seen that some of the creature named zombies are biting some other person. After biting the other person that person is turned to zombies. This is just the common storyline of the normal zombie stories. But talking about World War Z 2 the plotline of the story is unknown. Just because there is no news of the release, launching of the trailer and even we don’t know whether anytime the film will be released or not.

    We just hope that all this problem will decrease and again the film will be released.