Just watch out all the big budget movie if 2020


    The whole world is suffering from the pandemic problem of Coronavirus outbreak. There are people who are now also thinking that when this situation will be over and when we will lead a normal life. But nowadays it seems to be bit Impossible we cannot say anything until and unless the vaccine is being discovered.

    In this year there were lots of movies which were in the state of release. But due to the coronavirus outbreak only there is a movie that got delayed or being cancelled. So here, we will be talking about some of the big-budget movie projects. That was going to be released in 2020.

    Some of the big movies that are going to release in 2020

    We all know that the people were waiting for this movie. So some of the big movies include

    Black Widow

    Whenever we hear about the movie release in 2020. Black Widow always comes first in our mind. All the marvel comic fans know how it gets when the best film gets delayed. The movie’s launching date was on 24th April 2020. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the film has been delayed and rescheduled in November 2020.

    Wonder Woman 1984

    Another big-budgeted movie and again the Marvel characters. In this movie, you can experience that Wonder Woman is teaming up with Cheetah. A Villain who has the superpower. The exact release date of Wonder woman 1984 was in the month of August. The updating news is not given. Maybe they will give it later whether it is releasing or not.


    We all are the great fans of the cute dog named Scooby. The dog and their friend used to find the main culprit behind the cases. That includes murder and kidnapping. There may be hard some of the people who haven’t seen the cartoon of Scooby in their life. So the movie of Scoob was noted to be released in 15th May. But it seems that it hasn’t been released and when it will be coming we don’t know.

    Artemis Fowl

    This movie is of Disney plus. It is concluded as Disney’s first action movie. It was being told that it will be released in the month of 12th June 2020. But the main point is that the creators haven’t updated the latest date of Artemis Fowl. We are just waiting for you.